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Hi, I am Zoltan Kalauz the Pro Staff member of the European Jackson Kayakfishing Team. I offer guided kayakfishing tours on the Lake Balaton. The Balaton is one of the biggest lake in middle Europe, with a plenty of fishing possibilities. The main target fish is zander, asp, and volgazander/pikepearch. The fishing season starts at 1th of May.


If you want to try fishing on the Lake Balaton from a high-end Jackson fishing kayak, do not hesitate to contact me!


A day trip takes about 8 hours, depends on your fittness and endurance. If you want to fish more or less time, we will find the best solution for you. Fishing trips are always tailored to your unique needs, with local expertise. You can use your own fishing tackles and baits, but I have everything you need.


Our kayaks are rigged with all nessesary equipments needed for safety and comfortable fishing. For your best experience we apply maximum two anglers in the same time.


If you don't have local fishing permits, we can help to purchase it for you.


Price: 80€ / person with paddle kayak (Jackson CudaHD, Jackson CoosaHD)

          100€ / person with pedal kayak (Jackson CoosaFD with FlexDrive)


Check my  youtube  channel,  and my Facebook page!


Contact me at , or call me at +36-30-5159393 

Best Regards:

Zoltán Kalauz

Balatoni süllő