1. Webshop and the scope of the General Terms & Conditions
The following products could be purchased at www.kajakpeca.hu webshop: kayak mounts, and other kayak rigging solutions.
The Hungarian section of the webshop has been set up for the Hungary based costumers (means shipping address, invoicing address). In case of conducting purchase from abroad please use the English version.
The webshop has been constructed to make it easy and comfortable for individual costumers or anybody who purchases small amount (maximum 15 products). If you intend to order as a company, sportclub or as an organisation, please contact us. The webshop is technically not capable of dealing with discount prices offered for mass order, special transfer prices or unique payment request.
The services of the webshop are availible after registration. Any costumer must accept liability included in this contract.
The general terms and conditions is made in Hungarian and in English, made available on the website. On the Hungarian part of the shop the gross prices displayed are meant in Hungarian Forint, including 27% VAT. The English part shows gross prices also, in Euro.

2. Ordering process
Choose the products in the webshop you intend to order, then indicate the amount and put it into the basket. If the „amount” and „basket” buttons do not pop up that means the product is currently not in store, so not available for purchase.
The content of the basket could appear in the top-right corner. You could still modify the quantity or cancel an item line here. You could step to the next phase by clicking on the button „Proceed to Checkout” whereas you can indicate your shipping and billing address.
Moving forward, choose the international shipping method. The shipping and invoicing address could be different but both must be in the same country. In case of other situation please contact us. Please fill out every data required. We cannot take responsibility for problems caused by inappropriate data given to us. Handling of your personal data is described in „Privacy”. Please accept our terms & conditions as well as given prices before the next step.
You can choose from three online payment systems: Wire transfer, PayPal  and SimplePay secure bankcard payment. In SimplePay system you can pay by the most types of credit card.  You can enter to the chosen online payment by clicking on the button implePay. Then you should receive a confirmation email in minutes or exceptionally in a few hours. In case you do not receive it, please check the email address given by you previously and/or contact us. In the phase of online payment you cannot modify your order anymore. If you want to modify your order, cancel the payment process and create a new order. If you want to modify your order after the payment, please contact us by email as soon as possible (see also in chapter 3.)
Follow the instructions appearing on the chosen payment system. After a successful payment you have to receive a conformation email from us. Unpaid orders over the 3 days deadline are cancelled and regarded as invalid.

3. Shipment, cancellation before delivery, reception of the ordered goods
Within 2 workdays after the paid order we send a notification in email about the shipment details or the expected date of delivery. As long as we do not initiate the transport (and you not receive a confirmation about it) you are entitled to modify or cancel your order. Your intention should be submitted in written form (info@kajakpeca.hu). If you cancel or modify your order we shall transfer the paid amount partially or completely, depend on our agreement in 14 days. For the bank transfer please give us your bank account number.
The duration of transport can vary depending on countries and seasons, for this reason accurate deadline cannot be given. After posting the parcel you could track its route by yourself using the parcel identity code or can ask for our assistance.
If the package arrives damaged, you definitely need to get an official report taken, or even take photo of it. The damaged of the package does not cause the damage of the ordered items evidently since our products are not fragile and difficult to get them damaged. If the package is not intact, we kindly ask you to check the product condition before reception and/or at the presence of the transporter person if possible. If the degree of the package’s damage predicts that the product itself is not intact or you find damaged product, please do not receipt the parcel. In every case you should contact us (info@kajakpeca.hu) attaching any acquired documents, photos. Please also do it if you find any discrepancy or difference to the original order. Based on this information we could resend replace the problematic product or provide compensation to you.

4. The right of withdrawal
In pursuance of Hungarian and international law you have the right withdraw your order partially or completely in the period of 14 days after receiving the product, without giving any reason. Your request should be submitted in written form (info@kajakpeca.hu) before the 14 days and the verification of the reception date. After our confirmation of your request you should take care to get the product posted back to us in 14 days and you have to bear the cost of it.
The price of this product will then be paid back to you by bank transfer in 14 days, which however could take longer if the product arrives with delay. We are not liable to receive cash on delivery parcel.
You are entitled to open the package and to try the products before you send it back to us. However, we reserve the right to demand compensation from you if the product becomes damaged caused by abnormal usage.

5. Guarantee, warranty period
We offer 1 year guarantee covering manufacturing fouls for every products available in our webshop. You lose the warranty if you make any modification on the product.
If you find problem or failure of the ordered product in 3 months after receiving the product, first of all please notify us via info@kajakpeca.hu. Please give us detailed description of the raised problem (we appreciate if photo is attached too) and the data of purchase/delivery. Do not send back the product without written notice.

6. Further regulations
6.1 We reserve the right to change the product prices available in webshop. The price change does not affect the already ordered items. In case of obviously wrong prices (e.g. 0 Forint or Euro) appearing on the site due to system failure, we reserve the right to reoffer the proper price and giving opportunity to the costumer to forgo the purchase.
6.2 We reserve the right to modify our General Terms & Conditions without any notice. The modification becomes valid from its publication on the website.
6.3 Regarding any question which is not regulated in this Terms & Conditions we deem the Hungarian law as normative, particularly as follows:
- Civil Code, Act IV. 1959.
- „Contracts negotiated away from business premises” Edict 17/1999. (II.5.)
- „Services in connection with informational society” Act 2001. CVIII.
6.4. Our company does not acquire any Code of Conduct. Relation maintenance with costumers is based on our Terms & Conditions, Policy and in accordance with the normative Hungarian law.
6.5 Our company intends to settle any contentious issue with negotiation. If the negotiation is not successful, we designate the exclusive jurisdiction of Siofok County Court to resolve any dispute.

7. Company information, contact
Siluro Ltd. (Siluro Kft.)
Mogyoró u. 1., H-8600 Siófok, Hungary
Company registration number: 14-09-309557
VAT number: HU14891757
Managing director: Zoltan Kalauz
Contact: info@kajakpeca.hu, +36-30-515-9393

Valid from: 01/02/2015