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  • VISICarbon Pro

    In 2010, YakAttack set the gold standard in kayak visibility with the VISICarbon Pro. Fast forward to today and this iconic product remains the most dependable and best-selling flag/light combo in the  industry. With a unique profile that’s instantly recognizable, the VISICarbon Pro has truly become  one of the most fundamental staples of kayak fishing.

    - 360 Degrees of both Day and Night Time Visibility
    - 48” High Fully Deployed, 14” Collapsed
    - High Visibility Flag Doubles as Storage Pouch
    - Lamp Life ≥ 10,000 Hours on Ultra-Bright, Highly Efficient LEDs
    - Baery Life ≥ 100 Hours (3 AA Baeries Included)
    - Narrow Profile, Carbon Fiber Mast has Low Wind Drag and is Strong and Lightweight
    - Soft Foam Base Floats and Fits Perfectly in most Tube Style Rod Holders

    All of these features combine to make the VISICarbon Pro the quintessential accessory among both kayak anglers and recreational paddlers. Don’t compromise on safety; depend on what tens of  thousands of other paddlers trust. There’s only one: the VISICarbon Pro!

  • VISIPole II

    An economical alternative to the VISICarbon Pro, The VISIPole II is a 137cm tall light pole, designed for the budget conscious paddler with the option for both day time and night time visibility. We  replaced the collapsible carbon fiber mast with a non-collapsible fiberglass mast and offer models with and without a flag. The optional flag is the same flag found on the VISICarbon Pro.

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