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    Welcome in the Kayak Fishing Webshop. The YakAttack and the Ram Mounts brands offer a high durability, high versatility and high quality products around the wolrd. If you want to customize your fishing kayak, you are at the best place. We can ship to all EU countries.

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    • Fishing kayaks

      Jackson kayaks are one of the best fishing kayaks all over the world, and now are availible in our webshop in Hungary.

      How is it made? Watch the video!

    • Camera Mounting

      YakAttack camera mounts have quickly become the standard in paddlesports and kayak fishing. With several models to choose from, each designed for maximum versatility in mounting and positioning, there’s a YakAttack camera mount for virtually every application!

    • Fishfinder Mounting

      YakAttack is proud to offer fish finder display and transducer mounts designed and  manufactured in the USA. Many of the fish finder display and transducer bundles below are packaged with the LockNLoad, providing great value and offering quick and easy attachment to the YakAttack MightyMountSwitch, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems.

    • Handheld Electronic...

      The Universal X-Grip mount, manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems, is among the best designed electronic mounts on the market. Made from high strength composite and stainless steel, it’s marine safe and rustproof. The spring loaded holder expands and contracts for perfect fit and the rubber coated tips securely hold personal electronics. X-Grip design also allows for access to most, if not all, ports. Lifetime warranty.

    • Rod Holders

      YakAttack is proud to offer a wide variety of rod holders designed and manufactured in the USA by RAM Mounting Systems. As an OEM Partner with RAM, we not only distribute RAM products, but use them extensively throughout our product line, and have commissioned RAM to produce the  Screwball, a YakAttack designed product based on the RAM rubberized ball. The introduction of the Screwball has revolutionized kayak rigging, and has made YakAttack and RAM the #1 choice in rod holders and electronic mounts for kayaks. Most of the rod holder bundles below are packaged with the Screwball, providing great value and offering quick and easy attachment to the YakAttack  MightyMount, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems.

    • Visibility, Lighting

      Products for Visibility, Lighting.

    • Safety items

      It is very important to keep yourself and your accessories safe on the water.

    • Mounting Bases

      The industry gold standard with proven reliability allows a whole new level of versatility to your  kayak, canoe, power boat, ATV, tractor, or other vehicle. YakAttack’s GearTrac provides a platform  that’s not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling unparalleled versatility. Utilizing the YakAttack Mighty Bolt connection, GearTrac accessories are cross-compatible with the YakAttack  MightyMount, offering even more flexibility. Trolling for kings today? Fly fishing tomorrow? Shooting ducks next weekend? GearTrac gives you the ability to go from a fully rigged kayak fishing machine to a flat deck in minutes.

    • Track System Attachments
    • Anchoring Accessories
    • Track System Hardwares
    • Special accessories

      Special accessories for kayak anglers

    • Apparel

      Together, we've changed the way kayaks are rigged. Our Rigging Solutions and Rigging The Dream tees are great ways for anglers to show their kayak is rigged with the highest quality, most innovative products available!

    • Fishfinders

      Humminbird Fishfinders for fishing kayaks

    • Battery

      Batteries, chargers, accessories

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    Showing 1 - 10 of 424 items
    Showing 1 - 10 of 424 items