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Special accessories for kayak anglers

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  • Leverage Landing Net

    The Leverage Landing Net with the revolutionary forearm grip offers unparalleled stability and control, while the hinged design allows the handle to fold alongside the net for compact and easy stowage.

  • BlackPak

    One of our best selling items and a standard in rod, tackle and gear management for  kayaks. Designed for maximum versatility, the BlackPak allows anglers to store and organize their gear in any way they choose. The BlackPak is constructed from CNC  machined panels of marine board, a plastic specifically designed for harsh marine  environments and UV exposure, and is fastened with stainless steel hardware. It ships flat and assembles quickly using common hand tools. The interlocking design creates incredible strength, promising many years of trouble free service. The clean, tactical appearance demands attention and the rapidly developing line of BlackPak accessories means there’s always another problem solving innovation just around the corner!

  • CommandStand

    YakAttack CommandStand Universal Stand Assist Bar

  • Retractors

    We’ve partnered with T-Reign to bring the dependability and quality of T-Reign’s retractor system into the paddlesports world. Secure your gear without bulky leashes or floats using the YakAack Retractors. These super versatile units combine the innovation you've come to expect from YakAttack and a genuine T-Reign retracting mechanism, 36" Kevlar cord, and a removable 4" tether. Use these retractors to secure everything from pliers, knives, radios, or any tool that needs to be secure and within reach when needed.

  • FishGrip, Cup Holder
  • Bait Board

    Bait Board & Accessory Tray

  • Kayak hull protector

    Kayak hull repair, keel protector

  • YakAttack Torqeedo...

    Torqeedo Throttle Mount with Track Mounted LockNLoad™ Mounting System

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Showing 1 - 10 of 38 items