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    YakAttack camera mounts have quickly become the standard in paddlesports and kayak fishing. With several models to choose from, each designed for maximum versatility in mounting and positioning, there’s a YakAttack camera mount for virtually every application!

    Camera Mounting  There are 24 products.


    • DogBone Camera Mount
    • PanFish Camera Pole

      The PanFish features a patented, split mast design with adjustable friction disks that allow quick and easy horizontal panning. Just grab the foam grip above center mast and rotate.  Nothing to loosen, nothing to get loose. Just point and let go.

    • PanFish Portrait...

      A picture says a thousand words, so keep it short and sweet with the PanFish Portrait! The pivoting head can be positioned at any angle in the horizontal plane. This creates the perfect scenario for "hero" shots. Simply rotate your camera’s LCD towards you and navigate the menu to set the delay timer. Press the button to start the countdown, rotate the camera so the lens is towards you, and pick up your fish before the timer fires. Perfect hero shot!

    • Boomstick Camera Mount

      Boomstick Camera Mount, 43", GoPro® ready, RAM Post and Spline Interface

    • Camera Mount Accessories
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    Showing 1 - 10 of 24 items