Jackson Yupik 2021 Fishing Kayak



Jackson Yupik 2021 Fishing Kayak

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Jackson Yupik 2021 Fishing Kayak

Jackson Yupik 2021 Fishing Kayak

Jackson Yupik 2021 Fishing Kayak

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Named for the native Alaskan peoples that coined the word “kayak” (qayaq), the Jackson YuPIK changes the very definition of versatility. Bow To Stern track systems, rigging solutions and storage pockets molded in along the entirety of the boat allows the modularity for you to rig for your adventure without limitation. Customize your fun with more room! Second seat capabilities and specialized accessories, like our new kennel cot, improves the experience for everyone. Additions like the fully trimmable seat pan, our Strap Down gear track for 360 storage security and the first ever moving standing pad system make the YuPIK the most versatile kayak on the market.



Metric specs:Characteristics:Environment:Fishing Style:
Lenght:381cmCapacity:193kgCanals, small rivers:10/7Light spinning:10/10
Width:91cmSpeed:10/8Lakes:10/9Heavy spinning:10/7
Weight with seat:43kgStability:10/9Sea:10/8Stand up fishing:10/9
Weight:41kgManouvereability:10/9Big rivers:10/9Fly fishing:10/10



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1, Hull Design
Designed with stand ability in mind, the open deck and stability are as roomy as some of our most stable boats. Great platform for beginners while still pleasing advanced anglers.
2, Hypalon Paddle Stager
Tuck your paddle blade under this Hypalon keeper to get it out of the way but still in arm’s reach – snag-free for your treble hooks. Resistant to UV damage and temperature extremes, this material will keep your paddle safe.
3, Molded In Handles
Bow and stern handles are molded in for comfort and ease of transport. These handles also serve as a great way to lock down your kayak in your car, truck or trailer to prevent theft.
4, Storage Scoop
Scooped bow allows easier storage of soft goods such as tents, dry bags, decoy bags, etc. Works in concert with our Strap Down gear track system to help optimize storage of unwieldy items.
5, Strap Down Gear Track System
First of its kind, our innovative Strap Down gear track system helps you load your boat down just the way you’d like. Use cam straps, rope or bungee to secure your gear by looping between the track and gunnel to get outfitted for every adventure.
6, Transducer Scupper
Two front scupper holes accommodate many transducer sizes, making installation of fish finder units a snap.
7, Sidewall Tackle Storage
Four spots along the sidewall of the YuPIK keep tackle boxes (3640 Plano) close at hand yet out of the way.
8, Phone Stager
Want to keep your phone close at hand? We’ve got a spot for that.
9, Stern to Bow Track System
Our unique Stern to Bow track system utilizes three single piece tracks along the cockpit rim and floor. This allows for complete customization and to trim as needed to accommodate a heavy load.
10, Standing Pad
Full standing pad for comfort and additional quiet while sight fishing and casting.
11, Hi Lo Ergo Seat
Our comfortable Ergo seat has a new look and feel. Snag-resistant material keeps hooks from being an issue, and the seat sits higher than any of our paddle-style kayaks yet to optimize seat fishing.
12, Omega Rod Holder with Track Mounted LockNLoad Mounting System
This truly universal rod staging solution from YakAttack works flawlessly with spinning, casting, larger conventional reels, and yes – even fly rods of all sizes. A 360 degree rotating collar offers the ability to quickly secure the rod by capturing the reel, and allows spinning reels to be stowed in the natural downward position, not hung off the side. Multiple modes allow anglers to easily stage rods for quick access or lock them in for maximum security.
13, PowerPole Ready
Four easy molded in screw points are ready for easy installation of the PowerPole Micro Anchor system.
14, Battery Staging Area
Padded battery staging area makes keeping your ride powered up a breeze.


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